University Extension Classrooms

Dentro de su oferta de estudios no reglados, la Universidad de Oviedo ha incorporado en los últimos años un novedoso programa de aulas temáticas de carácter gratuito, abiertas al público general y que acercan la cultura a la sociedad.

Curso académico 2020-2021

The University Extension Classrooms are a clear commitment to bringing knowledge to society via subject matter that focuses on music, theatre, literature, law, archaeology, all of which is open to public participation, free of charge. The classrooms have a cap on admission, which is covered in strict order of registration.

By participating in these activities, university students who can accredit at least 90% attendance may apply for recognition of 2 ECTS credits (updated courses of study) or obtain 3 ungraded "free-choice" credits (non-EHEA-adapted studies).

The programme for these classes changes every year and, in some cases, different themes are offered each semester:

  • Theatre Classroom
  • Pop-Rock Music Classroom
  • Music Classroom: Opera and Zarzuela
  • Oviedo Group Latin American Music Classroom: (AMIGO)
  • Reading Classroom: Prose
  • Reading Classroom: Poetry
  • Debating Classroom
  • Law Classroom
  • Archaeology Classroom

Enrolment via the Internet

  • Access is via this aquí using a password (PIN) which all those individuals who have been enrolled in the University at some time or other since the year 1997 have. If you do not know your PIN, you need to get in contact with the University Extension offices.
  • When accessing the University of Oviedo for the first time, enter your National Identity Card/Passport number (DNI in the case of Spanish nationals) in the USERNAME box and leave the field for the PIN blank. At the end of the process, the system will assign you a password, which is to be used in the future for any procedure you have to perform via Uniovi-directo.

Information and Registration Unit

C/ Principado 3. Ground floor, Oviedo
985 10 39 30

Further information

Office of the Vice-Rector for University Extension and Communication. C/ Principado 3, first floor.
985 104 910