The PhD Thesis

The PhD thesis or dissertation is to consist of an original research work, undertaken by the candidate in any field of knowledge. The thesis should qualify the candidate to work autonomously in the field of R&D and Innovation.

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Rules regarding the writing of a PhD dissertation

The dissertation is to be written in Spanish. However, it may be written in another official language of the European Union, subject to the discretion of the Doctoral Committee, and provided the summary and conclusions are in Spanish. The same conditions shall apply if you wish to write the dissertation in Asturian.

The following is to figure on the cover and on the front page of the dissertation:

  • "Universidad de Oviedo", along with the institutional shield
  • PhD Programme
  • Title of the Thesis
  • Author

The thesis as a compendium of publications

The dissertation can be presented as a compendium of publications by the candidate on the same line of research. Of these publications, at least three articles or chapters shall have been published or accepted for publication after the beginning of the candidate's doctoral studies in a medium included in the Science Citation Index (or equivalent, according to the CNEAI).The supervisor of the PhD thesis must certify that the scientific contribution of the candidate to the research papers has been significant.

PhD dissertations submitted following this procedure shall contain at least the following points:

  1. Introduction, justifying the thematic unity of the thesis and supporting literature.
  2. Objectives.
  3. Discussion of results.
  4. Conclusions.
  5. A complete copy of the research papers in which the name and affiliation of the author and all co-authors, if any, in addition to the full reference of the journal or publishing house where the papers have been published or accepted for publication, in which case proof of acceptance by the journal or publisher is to be provided.
  6. Report with the impact factor of the publications presented. In those areas in which it does not apply, this criterion shall be replaced by the bases listed by the Spanish National Evaluation of Research Activity Committee (CNEAI) for these scientific fields.

Papers that form part of a compendium of publications thesis may not form part of another thesis presented under the same option.

International Mention

International Mention signifies a distinction in the PhD degree. It may be applied for providing the following circumstances exist:

  1. That during the period of research, the PhD candidate has a stay of at least three months outside Spain in a higher education institution or research centre of prestige, studying or conducting research. The stay must be recognized by the supervisor of the thesis and must be accredited by the head of the research group of the body where it was undertaken.
  2. At least the summary and conclusions of that part of the PhD thesis are written and presented in one of the common languages for scientific communication in the field of knowledge, different from any of the official languages in Spain. This rule does not apply when the stays, reports and experts come from a Spanish-speaking country.
  3. That the thesis has a prior report from at least two expert PhDs belonging to a non-Spanish institution of higher education or research institute other than the one where the stay was undertaken.
  4. That the examining board for the PhD thesis includes at least one expert PhD belonging to a non-Spanish institution of higher education or research centre other than those who issued the reports referred to in paragraphs 1) and 3).

Theses co-supervised with foreign universities

A PhD thesis may be carried out under joint supervision with a foreign university, in order to obtain a PhD degree from both Universities. It requires the mobility of the PhD student between one and the other university, with a minimum stay of nine months in each of the two universities. The thesis shall be a single defence in either of the two universities, although the candidate is to be enrolled in both and the thesis is also to be registered and accepted for publication in both universities.

Accordingly, a specific agreement has to signed for each PhD student between the University of Oviedo and the foreign University. The proposed agreement must be submitted by the body responsible for the programme to the Doctoral Committee for approval.

Process of defending the thesis: