PhD Students under Previous Regulations

During the coming academic years, the new PhD programmes will coexist with the old ones regulated by Royal Decree 778/1998 and Royal Decree 56/2005, until the latter have been abrogated. New students are not allowed to enrol in these programmes, and only those students who have commenced them beforehand may continue pursuing their studies.

Carrying out of the studies

Any application for the academic supervision registration renewal process, a temporary suspension of studies, change in supervisor or thesis project shall be addressed to the Body responsible for the PhD programme and shall take place in the Departments or Institutes in which the thesis project has been registered.

The forms for any of the aforementioned procedures are available at the secretariats of the Departments and Institutes in which the PhD thesis was duly registered.

PhD Thesis Depository


Given the process of abrogation of PhD studies regulated by Royal Decree 778/1998 and earlier, PhD students may find themselves in a variety of situations. Here are some, along with the way to proceed:

  1. You have completed PhD courses, but have not defended your Research Dissertation

    To continue PhD studies, you should register in a PhD programme regulated by Royal Decree1393/2007. To do so, you must complete the training stage in a Master's degree.
  2. You have defended your Research Dissertation, but lack the Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA).

    In this case, you must obtain Research Aptitude qualification.According to the abrogation processes of PhD studies regulated by Royal Decree 778/1998 and earlier, this may be obtained in the extraordinary sittings to take place in the months of June and September 2012 and 2013.

    Four Extraordinary Calls will take place to sit research aptitude tests or examinations. Passing these results in obtaining the Diploma of Advanced Studies. These may be sat, upon request, by all students who, having been enrolled in the same PhD Programme and having passed the minimum 32 credits required in PhD programmes, have not previously sat this test or, having sat the test, failed it. The application is to be made in the Departments or Institutes responsible for the PhD Programme, where the appropriate forms are available.
  3. You have the Research Aptitude qualification, but have not registered your PhD thesis

    Registration is to take place as set out in Chapter II, Section 3 et seq of the PhD Studies Regulations, Resolution of 21 July 2011 (Official Gazette of the Principality of Asturias [BOPA] of 25 August 2011).

    Applications for registration of the thesis as stipulated in Royal Decree 778/1998 shall only be admitted in exceptional cases. To do so, a written, reasoned argument must be submitted via the General Registry of the University or its branches, addressed to the Director of the International Postgraduate Centre.
  4. Deadline for submission of the PhD thesis having carried out studies as per Royal Decree 778/1998

    Registration of the PhD thesis may take place up until the academic year 2014/2015 and the thesis is to be defended on or before 30 September 2015.
    The deadline will not be extended in any case whatsoever.