About the PhD Programmes

PhD, the degree that represents the most advanced level of higher education, recognises the highest academic level and authorises the degree-holder to teach and conduct research, in accordance with existing legislation.

 PhD studies belong to the third cycle of university education and their aim is to provide an advanced formation in research techniques, although, throught the course of these studies, the student will have to engage in specific and complementary activities that will allow them to acquire the skills and dexterities needed to obtain the title of Doctor.

Full-time PhD studies will have a maximum length of three years, starting with the admission into the PhD student into the Program until they defend their Thesis. Part-time PhD students will have at most 5 years to complete their studies. Nevertheless, for the former, the Academic Committee of the Program may authorize the extension of this period for one more year, which may again be exceptionally extended for another year according to the conditions that had been established in the corresponding PhD Program. In the case of part-time studies, the extension may initially be of two years, with another year that may be exceptionally granted.

Successfully completing one of these Programs will grant the student the degree of Doctor, which is the most distinguished level in Higher Education, certifies the highest academic rank and allows the candidate to teach and research, according to the current legislation.

The request for admission into a PhD Program will take place between June 1-15, and to do so, it is important that the student checks the access requirements of each Program.

Course of studies

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Assignment of Supervisor

During the three months following admission and formalization of the first registration for academic tutoring, the Academic Board of the PhD Programme must assign a supervisor from among the programme teaching staff. The supervisor is the researcher that will direct the PhD student during the elaboration of the PhD dissertation; they must also make the necessary means available to the student to conduct their work, be responsible for disseminating the results and foster the PhD student's stays at other universities.

Presentation the Research Plan and Documentary Commitment for Supervision

During the six months following admission and formalisation of the first registration for academic tutoring and having an assigned academic supervisor, the PhD student must present a Research Plan to the PhD Programme Academic Committee. This Research Plan will contain the title of the PhD Dissertation, the general research aims and the hypotheses and working plan, at the very least.

The Research Plan must be endorsed by the supervisor and the tutor. Furthermore, it must have the approval of the department to which the director belongs and where it will be carried out.

If the PhD Programme Academic Committee approves this Research Plan, the PhD student, together with the supervisor, the tutor and the Vice Rector with competences in PhD studies, will sign a Documentary Commitment of Supervision, which will reflect the commitment of all parties to carry out the PhD dissertation.

Research Plan Monitoring

The Research Plan will be subject to yearly follow-up. To this end, the PhD Programme Academic Committee will organise a session to evaluate the progress of the Plan and the dates that are set by the International PhD Centre. The PhD student will have to present the work conducted in the corresponding course before a monitoring committee; said committee will issue an evaluation report of the work and may recommend complementary training activities to the PhD student.

In the event that the evaluation is negative, the PhD student will have to undergo another evaluation within six months. Two negative evaluations in a row will cause the PhD student to be dropped from the programme.

Academic Tutoring Registration Renovation

The academic tutoring registration must be renewed every academic year in the International PhD Centre, until the PhD dissertation has been presented.


Change of tutor or supervisor

When so warranted, the student can request that the PhD Programme Academic Committee change their assigned tutor or supervisor. The Committee will make a decision once it has heard all the parties concerned.

PhD programme change

The PhD student can request a change of PhD Programme they are registered in at any time during the research period. To do so, they should put this request before the PhD Committee, who will make a decision once it has heard all the academic committees of the programmes in question.

Request for temporary leave

The PhD student can request a temporary leave from a PhD Programme for one or several academic years; to do so, they must go to the corresponding Academic Committee explaining their reasons for the request. If the request is accepted, registration during the leave period is not required.