Cross-Cutting PhD Training

The University of Oviedo has developed a cross-cutting PhD training programme aimed at providing PhD students with additional training for their research activity.

Imagen de estudiantes In order to meet the objectives outlined in the Regulations regarding PhD programmes (Spanish Royal Decree 99/2011), a cross-cutting training programme has been designed which includes courses, seminars and meetings to offer our PhD students support tools that facilitate communication and dissemination of knowledge between the academic and professional communities, allowing them to promote technological, social and cultural advancement within these contexts.

The cross-cutting training programme is intended for PhD students from the University of Oviedo and the rest of the Spanish universities who desire additional training for the research activities carried out in this academic cycle.

Features of the Cross-Cutting PhD Training Programme

The aim of this programme is to work on the skills of communicating and disseminating research, job placement and employment. In order to provide flexibility and multiple options, the programme is structured in different courses together with the IV PhD Meetings