Experts' Guide

The Experts' Guide of the University of Oviedo is an initiative aimed at the media which has arisen in order to provide a rigorous and efficient working tool for professionals from the world of information, as well as society at large.

One of its main objectives is to facilitate and promote fluent communication between journalists and researchers at our academic institution so as to foster the public dissemination of the knowledge and scientific and research activities generated within the University of Oviedo. The Guide is also intended as an instrument at the service of society and any institution or company interested in establishing contact with the research community at the University.

More than 500 researchers from all branches of knowledge are included in the University of Oviedo Experts' Guide.

More than 500 professionals from all branches of knowledge at the University of Oviedo are included in this Guide, which provides a search engine where each specialist may be located by means of different fields: name, department, branch of knowledge and keywords (terms related to the expert's field of expertise).

Those researchers and/or lecturers belonging to the University of Oviedo who wish to be included in this Guide just need to include their details on this form and then send it to University of Oviedo Office for Communications.

Some of our experts

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García Diez, Julita

Departamento de Accounting

Area de Financial Economy and Accounting

Experto en:

  • Accounting
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Gender

Sánchez Meana, Norma

Departamento de French and Anglo-German Philology

Area de English Philology

Experto en:

  • Legal economic and business translation
  • Sworn translation
  • Technical translation
  • English for specific purposes

Ocampo Suárez-Valdés, Joaquín

Departamento de Economy

Area de Economic History and Institutions

Experto en:

  • History of Economic Thought
  • Illustration 18th Century

Martínez , Javier

Departamento de Classical and Romanic Philology

Area de Greek philology

Experto en:

  • Greek Linguistics
  • Greek Literature
  • Greek Comedy
  • Literary Forgery (Classic literature)
  • Classical Mythology

García Fernández, Trinidad

Departamento de Psicología

Area de Psicología Evolutiva y de la Educación

Experto en:

  • TDAH
  • Funcionamiento ejecutivo
  • Metacognición