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The Experts' Guide of the University of Oviedo is an initiative aimed at the media which has arisen in order to provide a rigorous and efficient working tool for professionals from the world of information, as well as society at large.

  • Verdeja González, Francisco Javier

    Department of Private and Business Law

    Expert in:

    • General Theory of Law
    • Obligations and Contracts
    • Commercial contracts
    • Banking-Ria contracts
    • Commercial companies Law
    • Consumer Law
    • Common administrative procedure
    • Contentious-administrative jurisdiction

  • Verdeja González, Luis Felipe

    Department of Material Science and Metallurgic Engineering

    Expert in:

    • Iron and steel industry
    • Metallurgy
    • Materials



    Expert in:

    • Convivencia escolar
    • Interculturalidad
    • Acción Tutorial

  • Viejo Fernández, Xulio

    Department of Spanish Philology

    Expert in:

    • Linguistics
    • Literature
    • Asturian Language
    • History of Language

  • Villa García, Luis Manuel

    Department of Construction and Manufacturing Engineering

    Expert in:

    • Dynamics of Structures
    • Seism resistant structures
    • Pathology of structures

  • Villalustre Martínez, Lourdes

    Department of Ciencias de la Educación

    Expert in:

    • TIC aplicadas a la Educación
    • Tecnología Educativa
    • Diseño multimedia y e-learning
    • Estilos de aprendizaje y Entornos virtuales
    • Alfabetización digital
    • Redes sociales en la enseñanza online
    • Tecnologías Web 2.0
    • Informática educativa

  • Villegas Saiz, Pedro José

    Department of Electrical, Electronic, Computers and Systems Engineering

    Expert in:

    • Energy Conversion
    • Power systems
    • Microprocessors

  • Viñuela Suárez, Eduardo

    Department of Art History and Musicology

    Expert in:

    • Music and audiovisual aids (video clip, films, television, etc.)
    • Urban popular music

  • Xiberta Bernat, Jorge

    Department of Energy

    Expert in:

    • Biomass
    • Energy waste
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Energy Policy
    • Alternative Automotive Fuels
    • Renewable Energies (General)
    • Hybrid Power Generation Systems

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