Experts' Guide

The Experts' Guide of the University of Oviedo is an initiative aimed at the media which has arisen in order to provide a rigorous and efficient working tool for professionals from the world of information, as well as society at large.

  • Alonso de Magdaleno, Mª Isabel

    Department of Business Administration

    Expert in:

    • Healthcare management
    • System dynamics
    • Information and Communication Technologies
    • Collaborative production
    • Open Source/Free software

  • Alonso García, Ana

    Department of Functional Biology

    Expert in:

    • Insulin
    • Oestradiol
    • Progesterone
    • Resistance

  • Alonso González, César Luis

    Department of Computing

    Expert in:

    • Evolutionary Computation
    • Optimization
    • Symbolic Regression

  • Alonso Ibáñez, María Rosario

    Department of Public Law

    Expert in:

    • Urban Planning
    • Environment
    • Cultural Heritage
    • Urban Development
    • Spatial planning
    • Soil

  • Alonso Velázquez, Pedro

    Department of Mathematics

    Expert in:

    • Numerical linear algebra
    • Error analysis
    • Algorithm study (complexity, performance, stability, convergence)
    • High performance computing
    • Parallel computing

  • Álvarez Acero, María Teresa

    Department of Education Sciences

    Expert in:

    • Cultural Heritage and Ethnomusicology
    • Traditional Cultural Heritage and learning spaces
    • Ethnomusical pedagogy

  • Álvarez Álvarez, Braulio José

    Department of Construction and Manufacturing Engineering

    Expert in:

    • Automatic planning for manufacturing processes (CAPP): Electric Discharge Machining (EDM)
    • Planning systems for inspection and reverse engineering. Automation of inspection with Coordinate Measuring Machines and measuring arms. Application of optical systems to dimensional inspection (laser triangulation systems). Automation of inspection with Coordinate Measuring Machines and measuring arms. Development of reverse engineering techniques with laser triangulation systems.
    • Implementation of Engineering systems based on knowledge (KBE) in the field of dimensional inspection

  • Álvarez Álvarez, Leonardo

    Department of Public Law

    Expert in:

    • Constitutional Theory
    • Education for citizenship
    • Constitutional loyalty and defence of the state

  • Álvarez Álvarez, Pedro

    Department of Organisms and Systems Biology

    Expert in:

    • Forest Ecology
    • Plantations forestry and forests
    • Structure, growth and production of forests
    • Biometrics and Forest Inventory Techniques
    • Energy plantations, biomass and carbon capture
    • Forest management, organization and optimization

  • Álvarez Antón, Juan Carlos

    Department of Electrical, Electronic, Computers and Systems Engineering

    Expert in:

    • Electronic Instrumentation
    • Virtual Instrumentation
    • Programmable devices: Microcontrollers
    • Lighting
    • Energy storage

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