Audiovisual Service

The University of Oviedo boasts a complete range of audio-visual equipment and fully qualified personnel. Besides carrying out institutional assignments, the Audiovisual Service produces live stream broadcasts and videos for teaching and research purposes, as well as providing technical support at official events, not only for the university community, but also for third parties, prior payment of the established fees.

The Audiovisual Service, under the Office of the Delegate for Coordination and University Strategy, is the University of Oviedo's audiovisual producer, editor and video graphics distributor. As such, it is the body in charge of managing the Intellectual Property and Image rights for University of Oviedo audiovisual productions.

Some of its functions include developing audiovisual material and making, producing, editing and distributing scientific and cultural documentaries for dissemination, as well as attending to the audiovisual needs of the academic community.

The Audiovisual Service is part of the Communications Office and offers indispensable support for the dissemination of all University of Oviedo activity. In addition to being responsible for the photographic coverage of institutional acts and the university archives, the service also contributes to scientific and cultural dissemination by producing promotion videos and live stream broadcasting of lectures and certain institutional events.

Audiovisual Service

C/ Amparo Pedregal, s/n, 33011 Oviedo (Asturias)
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