• The University has inaugurated the new academic course where Bologna process and bilingualism are strongly represented

    September 10, 2011

    The rector, Vicente Gotor, made some revision about the main actions carried out in his more than three years in office and he also detailed future proposals

    2011-2012's academic course's opening ceremony
    The University of Oviedo opened last Friday, 9th of September, the new academic course in an event attended by 120 coated cloistered and the new president of the regional Government, Francisco Álvarez-Cascos. This solemn event took place in the University Library, in the presence of the leading regional authorities and social representatives.

    This new course's lessons will start next Monday, 12th of September. This is the equator courses for Bologna Process as well as bilingualism course, with the offer, for the very first time, of 10 degrees completely taught in English.

    The University's General Secretary, Ignacio González del Rey, was in charge of introducing the event reading the Academic Course's Annual Report. González del Rey explained the main results obtained in a year in which "a lot was done with very little". The 2011-2012's inaugural lesson was taught by the Psychology professor, Marino Pérez, who got prolonged applauses from the audience due to this entertaining lecture about "Schizophrenia and modern culture".

    During his speech, the rector, Vicente Gotor, remembered his three years and a half in office and he reminded that elections to vote the rector will be held on next spring. Among the most outstanding actions, he mentioned the adaptation to the European Higher Education Area's studies (EHEA) in a record time, the awarding of the International Campus of Excellence's hallmark, the plan for the staff's rejuvenation, the call for chairs and places for teachers, the boost of internationalization, the fostering of bilingualism or the Postgraduate centre's creation. In this new academic course, the rector stressed the offer of ten degrees with bilingual teaching and he advanced that this programme will be amplified in the future, even with the chance of offering strategic degrees, fully taught in English.

    Vicente Gotor offered his loyalty to the regional Government and he also asked for his complicity when developing all the future plans. He mentioned the key projects for the University of Oviedo and he reminded that a lot has been done but much more remains to be done. The rector apply for the definition of a steady funding framework that allows to go forward in research through the creation of new university institutes full of researchers' staffs; reorganization of campuses, bilingualism or the creation of PhD International Schools, among other projects.

    The Principality's President, Francisco Álvarez-Cascos, gave a speech starred by the Oviedo's Group as guiding thread to claim for three changes within University: spatial, directional and vocational changes. The president supported the spatial change when announcing the creation of a Sciences of Health Campus linked with the new Central University Hospital (HUCA), which will produce the immediate transfer of the Medicine and Sciences of Health's Faculty to that location. When talking about directional change, he backed applied research "to commercial purposes" in tune with the passage from "Welfare State to Entrepreneurial State". And, finally, a vocational change to retrieve pedagogical renovation as well as university extension's spirit.