Corporate identity

The official coat of arms of the University of Oviedo is composed by the seal and the logo "University of Oviedo". The seal of the University of Oviedo, funded in 1608 by will and disposition of Fernando Valdés-Salas, is derived from the heraldic of the Valdés lineage. Its current official representation is based on the carvings esculpted on the corner stones of the original building of the University of Oviedo, erected between 1574 and 1608, and in the armor stone of the embryonic College of Saint Gregory, also funded by Valdés, currently placed on the front wall of the Main Hall. Both the corner carvings and the stone of the Main Hall are considered to be the oldest representations of the shield of the University of Oviedo.

In this page, there are also available for download all the applications in color, greyscale and vert of the official emblem according to the graphic design, and the central and lateral versions that are covered by the Manual of Corporative Identity of the institution, approved by the Governing Council on March 26, 2013.

The central version of the emblem represents the logo "University of Oviedo" centered under the seal. The lateral version represents the logo "University of Oviedo" on the right of the seal, in two lines. At the same time, both versions offer a variant of the logo, with a greater body, for reduced applications of the emblem or alongside other emblems.

All the variants of the emblem are available in three different formats:

  • eps: vectorial format for professionals.
  • jpg: format for general use.
  • png: format for the Web.