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  • Change of Teaching Group


    Change the teaching group assigned at the Centre.




    The ones set by each Centre.

    Body in charge

    Deanship/ Head of the Centre.

    Contact of the body in charge

    Processing unit: administration of the corresponding campus or Center.


    The periods established in each Centre.

    Forms of notification

    Bulletin board and website of the Centre.


    Appeal to the Rector.

    Ways to apply

    Warning: the procedure detailed here has a general and subsidiary nature. Each center may have its own version of it. Students are encouraged to check with the Secretariat of their corresponding Faculty or School about the concrete procedures and application forms that need to be filled-in in each case. If this is not applicable, the following application form may be used: Modelo instancia Decanos y Directores

    Places to submit

    • General Registry of the University of Oviedo, Plaza del Riego 4. 33003, Oviedo
    • Subsidiary Registries:
      • Administration of the Scientific-Technological Building of the University of Oviedo in Mieres, C/ Gonzalo Gutiérrez de Quirós, s/n. 33600, Mieres.
      • Administrative Services of the Campus of Gijón. Southern teaching block of the Campus. 33203, Gijón.
      • Teaching block of Legal and Social Sciences, Campus Cristo-A, C/ Catedrático Valentín Andrés Álvarez, s/n. 33006, Oviedo.
      • University Services Building in Avilés, C/ Ferrería, 7-9. 33402, Avilés.
      • Administration of the Campus of El Milán, C/ Teniente Alfonso Martínez s/n. 33011, Oviedo.