Migration of Study Programme (Transference)

Podrán ser admitidos en la Universidad de Oviedo los estudiantes con estudios oficiales de grado cursados parcialmente cuando se les reconozca un mínimo de 30 créditos ECTS. Se requiere, además, acreditar en el momento de ingresar una nota, en los estudios de procedencia, igual o superior al 85% de la nota de corte en el curso inmediatamente anterior en los estudios de la Universidad de Oviedo, en el cupo de admisión que le hubiera correspondido al solicitante en función de su vía de acceso.

Tramites administrativosFuture students of part-time university studies, who are recognized at least 30 ECTS credits, will be able to access an Undergraduate Degree. Those interesed in official part-time studies whose credits are not recognized, due to being different from the requested studies, will have to enter the general admission process.

Furthermore, for Undergraduate Degrees with limited places, the Governing Council of the University of Oviedo approves each year, by request of the Dean/Head of the Center, a maximum amount of places that can be filled by solicitants who meet the requirements.

The order of the admission requests in said studies with limited places is carried out in the following manner:

  • Concerning those Undergraduate Degrees whose achievement enables the student to work in a regulated profession, students from Undergraduate Degrees or First and/or Second Cycle studies that enable the holder to work on said profession will have preference over the rest of applicants.
  • Following them (or in the first place, in case the Degree does not allow the student to work in a regulated profession), preference will be given to students coming from other Undegraduate Degrees with equivalent competences, learning results and contents to those expressed in the Syllabus of the Undergraduate Degree, and immediately after them students from Studies Not Adapted to the EHEA that may have been transformed into Undergraduate Studies.
  • Lastly, preference will be given to students who come from Undergraduate Degrees belonging to the same field of knowledge as the request destination, and after them students from other Undergraduate Degrees or First and/or Second Cycle studies.

Within each of the groups, the applications are ordered by the average mark of the academic record. Once the place has been granted, the academic record will be migrated, and the process will have to be carried out by the university and/or center from which it is being migrated, as soon as the applicant proves that they have been admitted to the University of Oviedo.

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