Admission to the Certificate Degrees and Continuing Education

The Certificate Degrees of the University are studies not officially recognized, though a certificate is awarded upon finishing. The International Center for Postgraduate Studies offers an extensive range of Certificate Degrees that aim to contribute to the education of graduates and professionals.

Students wishing to begin studies offered in the Certificate Degrees of the University of Oviedo must pre-register on-line or at the International Center for Postgraduate Studies.

Admission requirements and the documentation that the applicant must provide are found on the proof of registration documents which should be printed out once pre-registration and/or registration has been completed.

On-line pre-registration and registration

Contact information

Historical Building
Plaza de Riego s/n 33003 - Oviedo
Phone number:
985 10 49 17
Phone number:
985 10 49 59

List of those accepted:

Official fees

Minimum and maximum tuition official fees:

  • Expert's Certificate Degrees (minimum of 200 hours): €1,150 - €2,800
  • Specialist's Certificate Degrees (minimum of 350 hours): €1,970 - €5,000
  • Certificate Master's Degrees (minimum of 500 hours): €5,000 - €12,850
  • Certificate Undergraduate Degrees: €980 - €1,700

Under exceptional circumstances, prices applying to the Certificate Degrees of the University of Oviedo may be higher, especially when taking into account the practical aspects of the subject matter. Such exceptional circumstances shall be assessed by the Office of the Vice-Rector for Internationalization and Postgraduate Studies and approved by the Student and Academic Planning Committee.

To find out the fees for a particular Degree, consult its specific characteristics on the following website.