Special Reservation of Places

The University of Oviedo reserves a specific number of places in centres with limited admission for certain groups of students who wish to enrol in an undergraduate degree programme.

Applicants with special needs

Universitiy of Oviedo reserve 5% of available places for students who have a recognized degree of disability equal to or greater than 33%, as well as for those students with permanent special educational needs associated with personal disability circumstances whose full educational integration during their previous schooling required resources and support.

The disability evaluation certificate, report or procedure is to be drawn up by the competent body in the applicant's autonomous community of origin.

Nevertheless, in deference to people with disabilities, when a degree programme or centre is not offered in the special phase, due to all the places having been allotted in the regular phase, and where one or more of the reserve quota places was accrued into the general quota during the regular phase due to lack of sufficient applications, universities may increase the number of places up to 5%, so that students with disabilities who are participating in the special phase may be admitted.

Upon previous request, applicants with disabilities/SEN shall have their specific needs addressed in order to sit the University Entrance Exam.

The university reserves 5% of the places in programmes with limited admission for students with disabilities and 3% for elite/high-performance athletes.

Admissions for elite/high-performance athletes:

Centres with limited admission reserve at least 3% of their places for those applicants who can accredit their status as elite/high-performance athletes and who meet the corresponding academic requirements (University Entrance Exam, Higher Level Vocational Training Cycle, Undergraduate Degree, etc.).

Centres offering programmes in Sciences for Physical Activity and Sport, Physiotherapy and Physical Education or substitute undergraduate programmes (Primary Education programmes at the University of Oviedo) shall reserve an additional quota equivalent to at least 5% of the places offered to elite/high-performance athletes. Said quota may be increased by agreement between the National Sports Council and the Universities.

Elite athletes shall be exempt from having to take the physical tests established as an admission requirement in the case of programmes in Sciences for Physical Activity and Sport. To register in limited admission programmes, applicants must go through the pre-registration process within the officially established time periods.


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  • Royal Decree 971/2007, dated 13 July, regarding elite/high-performance athletes (BOE 25-7-2007).
  • Royal Decree 412/2014, dated June 6, that establishes the basic regulations of the procedures for admission to official Undergraduate Degrees (BOE 7-6-2014)