Admission Procedures for Students over 45

The entrance exam for mature students over 45 enables undergraduate admission to the university. The candidate will have to do an analysis of a text or current topic, an exercise in Spanish and a personal interview.

The University of Oviedo convenes an annual entrance examination for students over 45 years of age, aimed at people who have reached or will have reached that age during the year of the exam and who do not have any other way of fulfilling admission requirements to the university (University Entrance Exam, Higher Level Vocational Training Cycles, etc.).

The examination consists of two exercises (a text analysis or the development of a current general topic and an exercise in Spanish language) and a personal interview. The final mark will be determined by the average of the marks obtained on the exercises, graded from 0 to 10. To pass the exam, the candidate will need to obtain a minimum of 5 points for the final mark (provided that a minimum of 4 points is obtained on each exercise), in addition to receiving a "pass" qualification in the personal interview.

Checking grades and requesting a review

The candidates will be able to attend the examination for students older than 45 in the universities they want, as long as they offer the Degrees they wish to start, and passing the exam entitles admission only to this academic institution and grants direct admission to those studies that do not have limited places, in which students may enrol directly. A minimum of 1% and a maximum of 3% of the total places offered for each course of study will be reserved for studies with limited places, which will require pre-registration. In terms of Degrees with limited offer, they will reserve between 1% and 3% of their offer for these students, and they will have to pre-register in the established periods.

Once the admission has been successfully complete, the candidates will be able to take the examinations again at the same university, in order to improve their grades. The latest grade obtained will be used for admission, as long as it is the highest one achieved.

The University of Oviedo organizes a preparatory course to help mature students over 45 pass the entrance examinations.

Further information

At the Admissions Unit in the Pro Vice-Chancellorship for Students (Calle Gonzalez Besada, 13, Oviedo)

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