Admission Procedures for Students over 40 with Professional Experience

The University offers admission to candidates with professional experience related to teaching, who do not have any university Degree that would enable them to access the university through other means, and who are or will be 40 years old by the time the academic year begins.

Admission to the university for mature students over 40 with work experience is tied to particular studies, so candidates must complete an application to each of the studies whose professional profile they believe they meet. The entrance examination consists of an interview, which takes place before a board constituted in each university centre to verify candidate suitability with respect to the professional profile and other merits according to the following scale:

  1. Suited to the profile in the official degree description (up to 5 points)
  2. Work experience (up to 3 points)
  3. Complementary training (up to 1 point)
  4. Other merits (up to 1 point)

Admissions process

The exam score is the result of the sum of the points from the different sections of the scale. To pass the entrance exam, candidates must obtain a minimum of 5 points. If the undergraduate studies have not established a limit on the number of admissions, candidates obtaining a score of 5 points or higher meet admission requirements and may enrol in these studies.

If the undergraduate studies for which the candidate has obtained a score of 5 points or higher do have an established limit on number of admissions, candidates must pre-register during the official periods established to that effect and proceed with the admissions process.

Further information

At the Admissions Unit in the Office of the Pro Vice-chancellor for Students (Calle Gonzalez Besada, 13, Oviedo)

985 10 41 15