Admission Proecedures for Students over 25

The University of Oviedo offers an annual sitting for the entrance exam for students over 25 years old, aimed at applicants who have reached or will have reached that age during the year of the exam and who do not have any other way of fulfilling admissions requirements to the university (University Entrance Exam, Higher Level Vocational Training Cycles, etc.).

The examination consists of two phases, one general and one specific, to be held, respectively, on two consecutive days. Each of the exercises in both phases will last a maximum of an hour and a half. The general phase consists of three exercises: Analysis of a text or general current issue (to be chosen at the time of the exam), Spanish and a Foreign Language..

Studies with limited admission reserve 3% of the places for students who pass the exams for students over 25 years old. The University of Oviedo offers preparatory courses for these exams

In the specific phase, the student must choose two subjects within a field of knowledge (Arts and Humanities, Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Law, or Engineering and Architecture). Each of the exercises in both phases will last a maximum of an hour and a half.

Passing the exam grants direct admission to those studies that do not have limited places, in which students may enrol directly. For studies with limited places, a minimum of 3% of the total places offered for each study will be reserved, requiring pre-registration.

The candidate will be able to take the access examination in as many Universities as they deem necessary

The University of Oviedo organizes a preparatory course to help candidates pass the entrance examinations for students over 25 years old and mature students over 45 years old.

Checking grades and requesting a review

Further information

At the Admissions Unit in the Office of the Pro Vice-chancellor for Students (Calle Gonzalez Besada, 13, Oviedo)

985 10 41 15