Admission to PhD Programmes

The aim of the PhD Programmes is to provide the student with an advanced education in research techniques. These programmes comprise a formative period and a research period.


In order to access the research period of a PhD programme, students must hold an official Masters' Degree or a similar qualification by an official institution of the European Higher Education Area. In addition, students holding a degree from a different education system will be able to take PhD courses as long as their qualifications allow them to access doctoral studies in their corresponding countries. Admission into the programme does not entitle students to the recognition or validation of their previous degrees.

Likewise, students who meet one of the following requirements can also access PhD studies students:

  • Having completed 60 ECTS credits of postgraduate education in one or several Master's Degree
  • Having completed a 4-year degree with a total of at least 300 ECTS credits
  • Having obtained the Diploma de EstudiosAvanzados (aprox. Diploma of Advanced Studies) under Royal Decree 778/1998, or the Suficiencia Investigadora (aprox. Certificate of Research Proficiency) under Royal Decree 185/1985.

Additionally, the University of Oviedo establishes that in order for a student to be admitted into the research period of PhD programmes, he/she must, have completed at least 300 ECTS credits taking into account both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

To this purpose the following equivalence will be applied:

  • A 4-year or longer degree or equivalent: 240 ECTS credits of undergraduate studies
  • A 2 or 3-year degree: 180 ECTS credits of undergraduate studies
  • PhD courses in a doctorate programme pursuant to RD 778/1998 or equivalent: up to 30 credits of postgraduate studies
  • Two years training in an academic programme in order to obtain a degree in any specialization related to the field of Health Sciences: up to 60 credits of postgraduate studies

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