Student Aid


Students who enrol in an Undergraduate Degree and who have an excellent access grade may be elegible for a grant that covers, totally or partially, the public fees of their registration."

The University of Oviedo offers enrolment grants for students obtaining an excellent result in the University Entrance Examination (PAU). These grants are aimed at students enrolling for the first year of official undergraduate courses at any of the centres that form part of or are affiliated to the University of Oviedo. In addition, they are intended to act as an incentive for young people who, through the achievement of academic excellence, will be able to contribute to society in return for their higher education when they enter the world of professional employment.

In order to obtain one of these grants, students entering the university to study an undergraduate course without any limit on the number of places must achieve a mark of 9.200 or higher in the entrance exam. If the course for which enrolment is requested has a limit on the number of places available, the mark obtained must be 13.000 or higher.

They must also comply with the requirement of having sat the general phase of the University Entrance Exam for the first time in the academic year in which the grant is requested or in the immediately preceding academic year. Also, they must not have been enrolled at any university in Spain or abroad during that year.

Students must achieve a minimum mark of 9.200 if opting for courses without any cap on the number of places or else 13.000 for courses with access caps

The amount of the grant will, at most, correspond to the cost of the enrolment fees for a complete academic year, without including any administrative charges and regardless of whether or not the course involves experimentation, for the student's first enrolment and calculated always with the prices stipulated for the University of Oviedo.