Student Aid

Every year, the University of Oviedo calls for financial aid for academic stays by its students, for the transportation of students with disabilities or those who do external internships, for projects or activities of interest for the community, and for students in economic conditions of extreme risk.

General Aid for Students

The financial aid for students of the University of Oviedo fund stays of academic interest, the development of projects or cultural and academic activities of interest for the university community, the presentation of communications in congresses and meetings, and the attendance of student representatives to national or international meetings of student organizations.

Each of the modalities of scholarships that follow may required the recommendation of a member of the Teaching and Research Staff, a group of lecturers or the Dead or Head of the Center.

Financial Aid for Students in Economic Conditions of Extreme Risk

The University of Oviedo grants financial aid for students who, after the beginning of the academic year, face economic conditions of extreme risk. This aid is aimed at funding the of the enrolment fees, partially or totally. This aid is compatible with other calls for student aid of the University of Oviedo.

Transportation Aid for Students with Disabilities

This call for financial aid is aimed at students with reduced physical mobility as a consequence of a recognized disability, with a degree equal or higher to 33%. Applicants must be enroled in the official studies offered by the University of Oviedo, with the exception of the Certificate Degrees. This financial aid, due to their very own nature and application, are compatible with other student grants for students of the University of Oviedo and, in particular, with other financial aid for the same purpose from public and private entities.