• The University and the Principality reach an agreement on the protocol for the recognition of credits for students of Higher Grades in Professional Education

    April 17, 2013

    The document was presented to university and Professional Formation teachers, who will integrate the technical commissions that will agree on the final version

    	From left to right, Ángel Campa, Sara Álvarez Morán, Luis J. Rodróguez y Ana Alonso durante la presentación.

    The University of Oviedo, through the Office of the Vice-Rector for Students, and the Regional Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports have worked jointly during the past few months to create a draft of the Technical Protocol for Credit Recognition in the Field of Higher Education.

    During the first phase, they will discuss the recognition of credits for Higher Grade Formative Cycles (CFGS) in University Degrees. The Vice-Rector for Students, Luís J. Rodríguez Muñiz, and the General Director of Professional Education, Sara Álvarez Morán, were in charge of presenting the document this morning to teachers from the University and centers of Professional Education of the Principality.

    Throughout the following months, they will take part several different workgroups to reach an agreement on the recognition of credits between the different Higher Grade Formative Cycles and the University Degrees that are taught in our Autonomous Community.

    When the agreements have been reached, they will be published in the BOPA and they will rule over the recognition of credits for students who have finished a Higher Cycle in Professional Education and who want to enrol in a University Degree. The Vice-Rector for Students thanked the teachers who had attended the conference for their invaluable help. The General Director of Professional Education guaranteed that, in the future, the recognition of credits from other types of Higher Education studies will have to be considered, in order to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for lifelong formation.