• The University of Oviedo becomes coordinator of another Erasmus Mundus Master Course

    November 04, 2015

    The academic institution is coordinating four international programs after assuming the management of the Consortium of Mechatronics and Mechatronic Systems

    Estudiantes de Mecatrónica y Sistemas Micromecatrónicos, en el Campus de Gijón

    The University of Oviedo gains relevance in the Erasmus Mundus Master programs after assuming the international coordination of the Mechatronics and Mechatronic Systems Program. The academic institution is now coordinating 4 of the 6 programs it offers. Students from more than 40 countries, mainly Asia and Africa, are undertaking these studies, managed by the International Graduate Center, which belongs to the Vice-Chancellor for Internationalization.

    The University has recently participated in the European call that has allowed the institution to ratify the Master´s Degree in Mechatronics and Mechatronic Systems for another 3 editions, and also to become the director of the Consortium consisting of the Higher Technical School of Karlsruhe (Germany) and the Higher National School of Mechanics and Microtechniques of Besançon (France), as EU partners, and the Engineering University of Ivanovo (Russia) and the University of Nile, in El Cairo (Egypt), as non EU partners.

    Since 2011, the University coordinates the Masters´ Degrees in Emergency and Critical Care Nursing, and in Sustainable Transportation and Electrical Power Systems. Since 2012, it coordinates the Master´s Degree in Disasters and Public Health.

    The four international programs led by the University of Oviedo attract students from more than 40 countries

    Those four international programs directly coordinated by the academic institution gather students from 40 different countries of the 5 continents. Thus, the Master Course in Public Health and Disasters, with a stronger international orientation, groups students from Venezuela, Lebanon, Afghanistan, México, Nigeria, Egypt, Ukraine, United States, Cameroon, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Portugal, Poland and Spain.

    Students from Ethiopia, Ghana, Ruanda, Vietnam, Madagascar, Philippines, Mexico, Egypt, Pakistan, United States, Norway and Spain attend the two years of the Emergency and Critical Care Nursing program. The Sustainable Transportation and Electrical Power Systems program welcomes students from Ethiopia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Vietnam, China, Pakistan, Honduras, Colombia, Egypt, Serbia and Montenegro, India, Ecuador, Turkey, Iran and Spain. The majority of non-European students are given grants from the European Union to finance their studies.

    The Erasmus Mundus Master Programs are advanced, integrated courses provided by at least three universities from three different European countries. They are called "integrated" master courses because students must spend part of the course at a minimum of two of the three universities, and they will eventually be awarded a joint diploma, double or multiple.

    Erasmus Mundus programs represent one of the commitments included in the strategic axes of the Campus of International Excellence, seal awarded to the University in 2009 and which was ratified in 2014 after successive evaluations by international experts. The University of Oviedo also offers Erasmus Mundus programs in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation and Women´s and Gender Studies (GEMMA).