•, optimized to mobile devices

    January 20, 2011

    The website has been set to the navigation format of telephones, PDAs, tables and more terminals due to a new platform. Mobile version

    The University of Oviedo's website is already adapted to the increasing access through mobile devices. The Innovation Centre has incorporated the Merkur platform to the consultation system between users and website. This is a technology developed by the Technological Centre CTIC, which is able to detect the characteristics of the user's device in order to adjust contents to the device's abilities: for example, a specific mobile phone will receive the website's elements which are more suitable to its technical capacities.

    Using this system, absolutely adjusted to the latest standards on mobile web (W3C Mobile OK), the contents of the "transcoding" system (which includes images, text, forms, graphics, etc.) have been simplified: users can now consult a website managed with a single version from any browser platform and get a correct update every time they need it, regardless of the device they usually use.

    Through this improvement, the University of Oviedo guarantees the best service by using the internet, at a time when the number of users who access to the network trough their mobile devices.