• A PhD Thesis of the University of Oviedo awarded by the Spanish Musicology Society

    March 18, 2015

    The Thesis, carried out by Diana Díaz under the supervision of Professor Celsa Alonso, deals with Manuel Manrique de Lara, composer, critic and military member

    The Assembly of the Spanish Musicology Society has awarded its annual research prize to Diana Díaz, who graduated in Music History and Sciences by the University of Oviedo in 2014, for her PhD Thesis entitled Manuel Manrique de Lara (1863-1929): military member, critic and versatile composer in the Restoration period in Spain. This thesis, directed by Professor Celsa Alonso, was graded as Outstanding Cum Laude, alongside with International Mention. The prize consists of the publication of this work, by the Spanish Musicology Society. 
    The thesis analyzes in depth the two main aspects of the activity carried out by Manrique de Lara: critic and composition, taking into account coherence between both of them. The thesis studies his contribution to the dissemination of Richard Wagner in Spain, while appreciating his contributions as a Wagnerian composer, in a comprehensive analysis of his work. Thus, it was possible to recover some of his works, like the symphonic poem "Legend". Moreover, the thesis reviews the interest and contributions of Manrique de Lara as a folklorist and collector of the Spanish and    Sephardi traditional music.
    This past November 15, on the Television of the Principality of Asturias (TPA), the University of Oviedo devoted one of the TESELAS programs to this research work, bringing the Asturian society closer to the content of some PhD theses read at the academic instruction. The program is available on the Audiovisual Channel of the University.  

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