• A researcher from the University of Oviedo wins the poster contest of the PhD Meetings of the G-9

    November 18, 2013

    The thesis by Marlen López Fernández analyzes the applications that natural elements, such as leaves or seeds, have on the construction of façades or encasings

    Marlen López Fernández with the poster that summarizes her research.

    The PhD Meetings of the G-9, which took place last week at the University of Extremadura, have awarded the poster by Marlen López Fernández, researcher from the University of Oviedo, on the Estudio y Exploración de Envolventes en la Naturaleza.

    The thesis by Marle López Fernández, directed by Professor Ramón Rubio, is based on a eco-design line of research to demonstrate how the properties of elements such as leaves and seeds may be used to design and construct façades for buildings. The behavior of these natural encasings against water, pressure or the sun is due to a complete adaptation to the environment and, therefore, its application in the design of new materials for façades and encasings is particularly interesting.

    The poster, which won the award given by popular vote among the remaining participants of the meeting, posits whether it is possible to obtaint a great efficiency and performance in the construction of façades for buildings, according to structural and environmental aspects, if we build enveloping systems like those generated by nature, which are the result of a complete interaction with the environment, instead of following traditional methods to construct façades.

    El trabajo de Marlen López presta especial atención al carácter multidisciplinar de su investigación, que aúna conocimientos de biología, arquitectura o ingeniería de fabricación. La doctoranda desarrolla su trabajo como investigadora asociada del grupo IDEASCAD en la Escuela Politécnica de Ingeniería de Gijón. The work by Marlen López pays a special attention to the cross-curricular nature of its reseach, which emcompasses Biology, Architecture and Construction Engineering. The PhD student develops her work as an associated research of the IDEASCAD group at the Polytechnical School of Engineering of Gijón.

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