• A student of the University of Oviedo wins the "Gloria Fuentes" Award of Young Poetry

    March 21, 2014

    Sara Torres wins the national award, which includes the publication of the winning book, "La Otra Genealogía". The writer is currently staying at the Mary University of London

    Sara Torres (center), in a poetry recital. Photo: María Jesús Flórez

    Sara Torres (Gijón, 1991), student of the University of Oviedo, with her book La Otra Genealogía, has become the winner of the 15th "Gloria Fuentes" Award of Young Poetry, a national award created as part of the will of Gloria Fuentes and organized by the foundation that bears her name.

    The author is studying the Degree in Spanish Language and its Literatures at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, and she is currently staying at the Queen Mary University of London as an associate student. She has collaborated in diverse journals, and her texts appear in anthologies such as Frondas de fuego, Mecánica celeste, Sangrantes, Lo demás es oscuridad and La honda presencia. Moreover, she is part of the team that organizes the La Ciudad en Llamas national poetry meeting. The jury was composed of Ana Rossetti, Javier Lostalé and Luzmaría Jiménez Faro. The winning book will be published by Ediciones Torremozas, as part of its "Gloria Fuentes" collection, created as a tribute to the author.

    With La otra genealogía, the author asks the readers to have "a certain aperture and disposition to games". "I would like that reading the book had a liberating effect, because for me writing it was both pleasant and liberating", she claims. Among her main literary referents, Sara Torres highlights Djuna Barnes and Adrienne Rich.