• A total of 437 students attend bilingual degrees at the University of Oviedo

    September 19, 2012

    Since September last year, 265 lecturers of the academic institution have attended courses promoted by the Campus of International Excellence

    Students of the University of Oviedo at the Campus of El Milán.

    Bilingualism gains ground in the University of Oviedo. The ten degrees offering from last year a bilingual itinerary currently have a total of 437 students in the first and second courses.

    The offer of bilingual itineraries has been increased this year from 50 to 80 places in the degrees of the Polytechnic School of Engineering of Gijón and the Faculty of Economics and Business. The students registered in the different degrees gather to attend the classes of the common subjects in English. The student distribution acording to the degrees chosen is the following.

    Polytechnic School of Engineering of Gijón
    Degree in Industrial Technologies Engineering
    Degree in Electrical Engineering
    Degree in Mechanical Engineering
    Degree in Industrial Electronics and Automatics Engineering
    Faculty of Economics and Business
    Degree in Bussiness Administration and Management
    Degree in Economics
    Degree in Accounting and Finances
    Faculty of Commerce
    Degree in Commerce and Marketing
    Degree in Tourism (Faculty of Commerce, Tourism and Social Sciences "Jovellanos"
    IT Engineering School of Oviedo
    Degree in Computer Science- Software Engineering

    The Campus of International Excellence has promoted as one of its main challenges the implementation of bilingualism in the classrooms of the Asturian academic institution. For this reason, the CEI has financed 28 language training courses for the lecturers of the University of Oviedo.

    Since April last year, a total of 265 lecturers have attended the courses organised by the CEI at La Casa de las Lenguas. To this figure, we have to add 106 the lecturers who have registered in the courses for this Autumn.

    The specific courses for teaching languages to the Teaching and Researching Staff of the University of Oviedo have empowered 111 lecturers to teach in bilingual degrees. These calls have been useful not only for training those lecturers who required it, but also for improving the training and skills of those who already had the level of English demanded for teaching in bilingual itineraries.

    In the case of students, the Campus of International Excellence has been organising Zero Courses which may help students be fluent and improve their language skills before beginning the lessons at schools and faculties. A total of 317 students have benefited from this initiative in the nine programmed courses. From them, 187 students have attended classes in the month of September and the rest took advantage of last year's sessions.