• A total of 3,893 students will sit the university entrance exam (PAU) in the University of Oviedo

    May 30, 2012

    The examination session begins next Monday, 4 June, with the Spanish Language and Literature exams.

    An image from last year's PAU

    A total of 3,893 students have registered in Asturias to sit the university entrance exams (PAU) to be held on the days 4, 5 and 6 June in ordinary session and the days 3, 4 and 5 July in extraordinary session. This figure has been slightly increased, as last year 3,855 students sit the exams in June.

    The tests will be carried out in thirteen centres located in Oviedo (4), Gijón (3), Avilés (2), Mieres, Ribadesella, Cangas del Narcea and Tapia de Casariego.

    The PAU is structured in two phases: a general one, compulsory for all students, which assesses their maturity and skills. If the student passes the exam, he is granted university access and it does not expiry. The second phase is the specific one. This is voluntary and assesses the knowledge and the reasoning abilities of the student in the field of knowledge he wants to gain access to. It also makes it possible to improve the mark achieved in the general phase, being it specially thought for those who want to enrol in studies with limited placement.

    The first session of the 2012 PAU begins on Monday, 4 June. The exams of the general phase begin at 15:45 h. with the Spanish Language and Literature Test. At 18:00 they will sit the History of Spain or History of Philosophy exam. The general phase will end on the morning of 5 June with the Foreign Language test at 9:30 h and an exam of a competence tied to the chosen mode of study in the second year of high school, which will take place at midday.

    The specific phase of PAU, in which students will be assessing at least two subjects and a maximum of four, will begin on 5 June, at 15:45, with the exams of Physics, World Literature, Artistic Drawing II or Musical Analysis. At 18:00 pm they will do the Technical Drawing II, Business Economics, Greek II or Scenic Arts exam.

    On Wednesday, 6 June, they will take the exams of Chemistry, Mathematics applied to Social Sciences II, Arts and Crafts Expression Techniques or History of Music and Dance at 9:30 h. From 11:45 they will sit the Mathematics II, History of Art and Electrotecnia exams.

    In the afternoon, from 15:45 onwards, the exams of Biology, Industrial Technology II or Geography will take place and from 18:00, Earth and Enviromental Sciences , Latin II and Design.

    All the information regarding calls, exam calendar, timetables and headquarters is available on the website of the University of Oviedo.