• A system for controling the supply of medicine in old people's homes wins the Fifth Award for Entrepreneurial Ideas

    April 30, 2013

    Emilio San José Guiote, student of Computer Science Engineering, won over the jury with his project based on new technologies

    Group photo of all the participants of the contest.

    A system for monitoring and supplying medicine in old people's homes that incorporates new technologies. That is the business idea that made Emilio San José Guiote, student of Computer Science Engineering, win the V Award for Entreprenurial Ideas of the University of Oviedo. Emilio San José was selected by the jury from over 13 other business projects that were presented in the finals of the contest for young entrepreneurs.

    Emilio San José designed a system that, through NFC phone calls, allow doctors and carers of old people's homes to monitor the treatment of each patient and the available stock of medicines. This system adds to the telephone a reader that, if moved close to the bracelet that each patient would be carrying, shows their treatment and medicine intake schedule.

    The participants only had a minute and a half to explain their ideas to the jury, helped by an equally-long video. All of them then answered the questions of the jury on how their projects could become viable.

    The second prize went to the idea of David Flores Loredo, an industrial engineering who presented the development and commerce of a light electrical bike, christened as "eBike". Sergio Miguélez won the third prize with a system based on algorithms that will optimize the management of groups in education centers and universities.

    The Fifth Award for Entrepreneurial Ideas of the University of Oviedo grants prizes of €3000, €2000 and €1000 to the first, second and third places, respectively. The jury of the contest was composed by the Vice-Rector for Economic Planning, Agreements and Contracts, Santiago Álvarez; the councilor for Employment and Equality of the Town Hall of Oviedo, Silvia Junco; Eva Pando, representing the Principality of Asturias; Juan Ventura, director of the Department of Managemente and Direction of Enterprises; Jorge González, Vice-President of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs, and Andrea Martínez Noay.