• Three university students were awarded a grant at the Inter-American Development Bank sponsored by Sabadell Bank Foundation

    January 08, 2015

    This program offers young students the opportunity to receive training in the main headquarters in Washington and the University of Oviedo is the only one in Spain to offer this type of program

    El rector y el director general de SabadellHerrero, con los tres becarios del BID

    The three students of the University of Oviedo selected to be awarded an internship grant at the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) in Washington, have taken part this morning in a meeting with the Rector of the University of Oviedo, Vicente Gotor, and the general director of Sabadell Herrero Bank, Pablo Junceda.

    The students will begin their internship period on January 12. These grants, jointly called by the University of Oviedo and Sabadell Bank Foundation, will allow three students with the best academic records in the University to undergo practical training for 6 months in the headquarters of BID, gaining experience in the administration of the Inter-American Development Bank and becoming familiar with its policies and procedures.

    The University of Oviedo is the only institution with a program with these characteristics in Spain. On a European basis, only the prestigious Institute for Political Studies of Paris holds a similar agreement.

    These grants, available for students in their last year of university or who have earned their Degree in the last three years, mean a significant professional opportunity for the grantees. Since they were implemented in 2003, more than 50 students have been granted, and more than half of them have found work stability in their companies. The rest of them, are developing their professional careers in top-notch professional environments.

    The beneficiaries of these BID 2014-2015 grants are Pedro Cueva, Ulises Nieto and Cristina Pérez. Pedro Cueva has a Degree in Economics and has undertaken the Interuniversity Master´s Degree in Economics by the Universities of Oviedo, Cantabria and País Vasco. He has also undertaken studies at the University of Maastricht and internships in different companies.

    Ulises Nieto holds a Degree in Economics and Business Administration. He has undertaken studies in the United States and China. He has worked at the Moran Playa Hotel, holding different positions. Cristina Pérez holds a Degree in Advertising and Public Relations, and a Degree in Commerce and Marketing. She has undertaken studies in Helsinki and carried out internships in different companies.