• Springsteen, Brazilian music and human evolution open the new course of the University Extension Classrooms

    September 22, 2014

    The University offers a wide range of activities to almost 600 people in Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés, including literature, theater and classical music

    Bruce Springsteen will be the focuse of this year's Pop-Rock Classroom.

    The University Extension Classrooms of the University of Oviedo will be focused this year on the musics of the world -especially that of Brazil, will analyze the legacy of the greatest minds of Spanish poetry and will touch upon the musical career of Bruce Springsteen as Voz de sueños y esperanzas. These are just some of the offers of a program that also includes thematic classrooms on archeology, poetry, theatre or scientific thought.

    The total offer is of almost 600 places open to the university community and the whole of Asturian society. The registration period opens tomorrow, September 23. The registration in the University Extension Classrooms is free of charge and the places will be assigned by strict order of application. The sessions of the courses will take place in Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés.

    The catalog of Classrooms is joined this year by the Musics of the World Classroom, focused this time on Brazilian music. Noteworthy specialists of the Asturian academic institution and experts in each field participate in the Classrooms.

    The University Extension Classrooms maintain the model they have been following during previous years, with the pursuit of offering culture and science to all society. The classes will begin next October and some of the programs will span the whole academic year, while others just a semester. Students of the University of Oviedo can request the transference of their participation in these courses into ECTS credits. The offer for this first semester is as follows:

    World Musics Classroom: Brazilian music is the protagonist of the first edition of the World Musics Classroom. Music critic Miguel Ángel Fernández and musician Vaudí Cavalcanti will be in charge of leading the program that inclused conferences, audiovisual sets and musical performances. The Classroom will be offered in Oviedo with a total of 75 available places and registration will be open until October 8.

    Pop-Rock Music Classroom: A study of the musical and lyrical universe of The Boss. Bruce Springsteen: voz de sueños y esperanzas will also analyze his public and personal image to try and cast some light on the success and relevance of this artist who has a simple image and a very complex body of work. The Classroom will be offered in Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés to 80 people in each site. The registration period closes on October 8. The course, directed by Eduardo Viñuela, with the participation of musicians such as Jorge Otero, Xabel Vegas, Igor Paskual or Pelayo Pastor, will not only approach the biographical aspects of the artist in each moment, but also the social, political and economic context and the evolution of the musical landscape, the influences of other artistic references in his work, etc.

    Archeology Classroom: The program directed by Marco de la Rasilla Vives, Alejandro García Álvarez-Busto, David Santamaría Álvarez and José Avelino Gutiérrez González will bring its 30 participants closer to the basic techniques of basic archeological research. The registration period closes on October 9 and the course will be offered in Oviedo. The Classroom will reveal how archeologists can recover the ways of living and the natural environment of our antecessors and will also offer practical examples of the research conducted in several Asturian sites.

    Scientific Thought Classroom: Astrophysicists, biologists, geologists, pre-historians, actors and genetists compose the wide selection of experts that will contribute this year to the Evolution Workshop directed by Eva García Vázquez, Miguel Arbizu, Eduardo Dopico and Agustín Roca. A total of 40 people will be able to register in this course, which aims at understanding the enourmous diversity of life in our planet through its evolution to reflect on our role in the universe. The program will be offered in Oviedo and Avilés, and the registration period closes on October 8.

    Reading Classroom (Prose): This Reading Classroom will be focused this year on short narratives. In company of Poe, Borges, Rulfo or Monterroso, the participants will revise the paradigms of the genre analyzing its techniques, proposals and examples. Directed by Professor Eduardo San José Vázquez, the program will be open for 40 people and will be offered in Oviedo throughout the academic year. The registration period closes on October 30.

    Reading Classroom (Poetry): Genio y figura(s) Poesía española: géneros, formas y formatos is the appealing title proposed by the Poetry Classroom to go through the main genres, forms and formats that peotry in Spanish has taken during its history. Professor Javier García Rodríguez directs this Classroom, which will be open to 40 participants and whose registration period closes on October 5.

    Theater Classroom: Until October 19, applicants may request one of the 80 available places at the Theater Classroom directed by Etelvino Vázquez and offered at the Campus of El Milán. The Classroom proposes its students an approach to theater, both from the point of view of the actor and of the knowledge of the history of the medium and its different acting styles and modes.

    Latin American Music Classroom "Grupo de Oviedo" (AMIGO): The activities of AMIGO will be focused on the performance of a repertoire for camera groups of soloists, and therefore participants are expected to have an adequate performative and technical capacity. The Classroom offers 12 places in Oviedo and the registration period will close on October 7.