Service Catalog

The University of Oviedo offers a simple on-line guide for students to quickly learn how to carry out certain procedures, what requirements must be completed for each and where to go to take care of it. This initiative aims to simplify things and pave the way for students through the bureaucratic paperwork, making the whole process much more efficient.

  • Requesting the naming of Honor Collaborators


    This service is aimed at honoring people who have provided or are providing relevant services or support to teaching activities in their different qualifications.


    Spanish people or foreigners.


    People with enough qualification in the service given.

    Body in charge

    Service of Teaching and Research Staff

    Contact of the body in charge

    985 10 40 07 (external); 59 90 (internal)
    985 10 40 24


    At the end of the academic year in which the service had been given.


    Acces in to the following sections:

    • Regulations.
    • Request for proposal of collaboration.
    • Documentation that justifies the service given by the collaborators.
    • Sworn declaration.

    Places to submit

    Directions of the different Departments.

    Application process

    • The request will be formalized through the proposing teachers of each field of knowledge, alongside the documentations that justifies the services given and the merits that support them, and will be approved by the Department Council.
    • Se enviará al Servicio de Profesorado toda la documentación justificativa. All the supporting documentation will be sent to the Service Teaching and Research Staff.
    • Once the documentation has been contrasted, the Office of the Vice-Rector for Teaching Staff and Economic Organization will issue the appointment certificates and will send them to the respective Departments, so that they can, in turn, give them to the applicants.