• Santiago García Granda takes office as Rector of the University of Oviedo

    May 16, 2016

    In his speech in the University Library, he advocated for an active, up-to-date, flexible management and stated that one of his objectives is to "make a closer, more dynamic and transparent University"

    The new rector takes office

    The University of Oviedo has held today the investiture ceremony of Santiago García Granda as the new Rector, in a solemn ceremony in the University Library with around 150 lecturers dressed in the academic outfit, political representatives–led by president of the Principality, Javier Fernández—and also representatives from the academic field and from all social levels. Santiago García Granda, Full Professor of Physical Chemistry, takes over the position held by Vicente Gotor, also devoted to chemistry, who has completed two terms as Rector of the University.

    The new rector began his official lecture in Asturian, in recognition to his family. García Granda stood up for keeping "chemistry" in the University, the community and the society, which he defined as a "major and motivating challenge". In addition, he asked the public administrations, social and economic agents and the members of the university community to "change the University of Oviedo".

    He stated that "we want to create a closer, more transparent a dynamic university", and also "flexible, up-to-date and active". In the same vein, he said that "we will always work for the benefit of all sectors, for a public and quality university, undertaking actions under a sense of responsibility and with an efficient administration system, trying to meet the demands of the university community ".

    García Granda accepted the Rectorate symbols handed over by Vicente Gotor. The outgoing rector devoted his speech to express his gratitude to all university students, regional and local authorities and the society, for the commitment shown to the University of Oviedo in the last 8 years. Vicente Gotor offered "my collaboration" to the new rector and mentioned that he left the rectorate "being proud of having worked for the University".

    For his part, the president of the Government of Asturias, Javier Fernández, pointed out that the University of Oviedo "has managed to achieve a successful evolution, thanks to the different rector´s teams". He also stated that the regional Government will provide the necessary funds according to the provisions of the framework of stable funding 2015-2018.

    The new rector was supported in the ceremony by the counselor of Education and Culture, the president of the General Board of the Principality, the Government Delegate, the Mayor of Oviedo, the vice-counselor of Culture, the President of the Social Council, and the Director of Universities, among other authorities. Likewise, the ceremony was attended by the ex-rectors and members of the outgoing rector´s office. The rector was also supported by the members of the new group, vice-chancellors and general secretary.