• The University awards the prizes sponsored by enterprises and institutions to the best students during Saint Catherine

    November 25, 2013

    The rector praises the setting in motion of a program of Industrial PhDs to promote R&D&i in the enterprise, and the president of Microsoft Spain, María Garaña, encourages students to "take risks" and go on international stays that improve their formation.

    The winners of the awards and the sponsors, with the Rector, at the courtyard of the Historical Building

    The University of Oviedo has celebrated its Patron Saint Catherine of Alexandria with the award ceremony of the Bachelor's and Undergraduate Prizes, alongside the Cajastur Award for the Best Academic Record of the University of Oviedo, in a solemn act that took place at the Library of the Historical Building. The Rector, Vicente Gotor, presided over an act where more than sixty students with the best academic records of the past academic year received their diplomas, and which had the participation of more than fifty representatives from the enterprises and institutions that sponsor each of the awards.

    The first graduates of the Bologna Plan received their Undergraduate's Prizes and the Rector used the opportunity to evaluate the institution of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), of which "the first tests say that it has improved the academic results and the satisfaction ratings of the students and teachers". Vicente Gotor talked to the students and reminded them that going abroad is positive and benefitial to complete your formation in a foreign country, but that it does not mean that "we should tolerate the knowledge diaspora, or in other words, that our young students go abroad and do not return afterwards. Society invests much in their formation and we must take advantage of this human capital", he claimed. As part of the constant effort of the University to reinforce and strengthen the links with the enterprises, the Rector highlighted the future setting in motion, in collaboration with the regional government, of a program of Industrial PhDs "that aims at contributing to the promotion of R&D&i in the enterprise and the incorporation of PhDs to it".

    The effort to open new ways to collaborate with enterprises and institutions through the Campus of International Excellence has "improved the position of the University of Oviedo as an associate in European projects", said Vicente Goto. Thus, he reminded the audience that the Asturian academic institution has presented internationa proposals with more than 400 associates, of which more than 300 are internationa enterprises and institutions.

    The president of Microsoft Spain, María Garaña, offered a conference in the celebration of the Patron Saint of the University of Oviedo devoted to innovation and entrepreneural spirit. Garaña used her intervention to encourage the students of the University of Oviedo to "take risks, because you are in a moment when you can make mistakes and face new challenges". She insisted on the importance of boosting academic formation with international stays "because people who face a life outside their circle of comfort develop a valuable capacity for adaptation". Moreover, María Garaña stressed the need that her company has detected to "incorporate the capacities of the Humanities into the engineers" to better bring their contributions of the new technologies to society.