• The Campus of International Excellence has published a monthly digital magazine to disseminate its activities

    October 14, 2011

    REUNO includes breaking news, research projects, calls and interviews related to the development of "Ad Futurum project".

    Headline of REUNO

    The International Campus of Excellence from the University of Oviedo has presented its digital monthly magazine called REUNO, with which it will try to show the activities related to ‘Ad Futurum’ project, responsible of the awarding of the hallmark of excellence in 2009.

    The name of REUNO meets the double intention of stressing that this is a magazine produced at the University of Oviedo as well as pointing out that it has been created to publicize CEI's activities in collaboration with Strategic Aggregation, composed by about 300 entities.

    Its blog format eases the search of information and allows users to interact as they can make comments about the news as well as get a free subscription in order to receive the magazine at the beginning of every month. REUNO  includes breaking news, articles, interviews and a particular section dedicated to research.

    The main purpose is that university community and the members of the ‘Ad Futurum’  Strategic Aggregation can know the actions undertaken by the University of Oviedo within the frame work of the Campus of Excellence firsthand. In upcoming issues, this magazine will have international dissemination through Asturian Centres and Spanish embassies. More than 3.000 users have visited the digital magazine in its first day of publishing.

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