• Results of the 2015 Trade Union elections for the Board of Teaching and Research Staff and the Works Council of the University of Oviedo

    April 30, 2015

    The list shows the workers´ representatives resulting from the elections held on April 30 in the Asturian academic institution

    In accordance with the electoral calendar, the elections for the different bodies to represent the staff of the University of Oviedo were held last Wednesday. 
    The Board of Teaching and Research Staff (PDI) civil servants will be made up of: seven representatives of SIPU-SAIF; seven representatives of CCOO; five representatives of CSIF; and four representatives of UGT. For their part, for the Board of Administration and Services Staff there are six representatives of CCOO; four of SIPU-SAIF; four of UGT; and three of CSIF. The elections for the Works Council of the Administration and Services Staff have given the following results in the groups corresponding to technical and administration workers, non-specialized workers and unskilled workers: eight representatives of SIPU-SAIF; five representatives of CCOO; five of UGT; four of CSIF (ACUO); and one representative of Corriente Sindical de Izquierdas (CSI).
    The results of the process are available on the links below.

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