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The University of Oviedo offers a simple on-line guide for students to quickly learn how to carry out certain procedures, what requirements must be completed for each and where to go to take care of it. This initiative aims to simplify things and pave the way for students through the bureaucratic paperwork, making the whole process much more efficient.

  • Booking and Renting Premises


    The University of Oviedo rents some of its premises and equipment to enterprises, individuals and public and private entities. Moreover, it offers the possibility of hiring different services related to research and audiovisual media.

    The academic institution rents its available university premises for academic examinations, public servant examinations, congresses, meetings, courses and other social and cultural activities, as long as they are compatible with the image of the University and do not interfere with the appropriate functioning of the rest of the academic activities that it develops.

    The transfer and renting of the university premises will take place within the general normative framework included in the Bases for the Execution of the Budget of the University of Oviedo for each year, and the fees specified in that document will be applied.

    Apart from its premises, third-parties may also rent from the University of Oviedo its laboratories and workshops, equipped with cutting-edge technology and looked after by a highly-qualified technical staff. The composition of audiovisual material is also among the services offered.


    Enterprises, individuals and public and private entitites.

    Body in charge

    Management of the University of Oviedo and Office of the Vice-Rector for University Extension and Communication (Historical Building).

    Contact of the body in charge


    Bases for the execution of the current fiscal year Budget of the University of Oviedo


    Application process

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