• The University of Oviedo has inaugurated the Auxiliary Registry of the Campus of El Milán

    March 11, 2011

    This office will cover the administrative requirements of more than 2.300 university students.

    Inauguration of the Auxiliary Registry
    The Campus of El Milán, in Oviedo, has just opened an Auxiliary Registry, where all the university students will be able to carry out the administrative procedures without going to Central Registry. The rector, Vicente Gotor, accompanied by the Secretary-General, José Francisco Fernández as well as the dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, Cristina Valdés, inaugurated these new departments.

    The Auxiliary Registry is located in the ground floor of the administrative building, and it is the fifth office that the Asturian academic institutions creates as it has similar registries in El Cristo, Mieres, Gijón and in the Centre of University Services of Avilés.

    The rector pointed out that the Auxiliary Registry of El Milán will cover the administrative needings of more than 2.300 people from the University –including students, teachers and researchers and administrative and services staff-. Seven departments work in this campus and it counts with 1.944 students and university services.