• The University Ombudsman, Ramón Durán, takes office

    January 17, 2012

    The Professor highlighted the importance of the figure as "guarantor of the rights of the university community"

    Image of the inauguration act of the new University Ombudsman, Ramón Durán

    The Professor of Civil Law, Ramón Durán, took office this morning as the new University Ombudsman in a brief ceremony held in the Hictoric Building's Auditorium. From the very beginning, Ramón Duran expressed his desire that the figure of the University Ombudsman "be a guarantor for the rights of the university community members". Durán acknowledged the effort and appreciated the good job of his predecessor Ricardo Sánchez Tamés,"who has set up the institution" .

    In his speech, he also mentioned the current recession, which forges the society's future, and insisted that "the University must be the solution, not the problem". Finally, Durán asked for the understanding of any possible mistake and stated his entire disposition to "defend with effort and rigour" the rights of the university community.

    For his part, the Rector, Vicente Gotor, welcomed the new University Ombudsman and offered him all possible collaboration to promote the University, always showing respect for the necessary independence of the institutional figure. Gotor praised Ramón Durán's teaching and researching career and expressed his gratitude to Professor Sánchez Tamés and his good seeds during the last five years.