• The University of Oviedo offers the Program for Mature People, PUMUO, in Gijón

    July 17, 2012

    The enrolment period for the courses, which are also offered in Oviedo and Avilés, starts tomorrow, 18 July, and will last until 5 September

    The Rector, Vicente Gotor, and the Mayoress of Gijón, Carmen Moriyón.

    The University of Oviedo will offer for the first time in Gijón some courses from the University Program for Mature People (PUMUO), targeting people over 50 and with head offices in Oviedo and Avilés. The registration period to attend PUMUO courses begins tomorrow, 18 July, and will last until 5 September. The course begins on 24 September.

    The Rector, Vicente Gotor, and the Mayoress of Gijón, Carmen Moriyón, presented this morning the initiative, which aims to respond to the growing demand of these continuous learning and training courses by people interested in widening their knowledge.

    Both the Mayoress and the Rector agreed on the importance of establishing a PUMUOS's head office in Gijón as part of the city's institutional collaboration and expansion of university services. Although it is planned that PUMUO be set up in the former Business School, the building's need for restoration has forced the search for an alternative. The course will begin in September in Gijón at the Integrated Municipal Centre of Pumarín "Gijón Sur" (c/Ramón Areces, 7).

    Gijón will offer the first course of PUMUO, with 60 places, and year after year new courses will be added. The Rector encouraged all the people interested to book a place as soon as possible because, as he remembered, there is usually a high demand for the places, which are covered quickly.

    PUMUO aims to open a space for the encounter and social participation of a sector of the population that, having spare time, wishes to join the continuous learning and training that the university institution may offer to them. The subjects of the program are classified according to four thematic blocks (Humanities; Economics, Law ad Sociology; Psychology, Health and Physical Exercise; and Science and Technology).

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