PhD Programmes

  • PhD Programme in Nautical Science and Technology

    General Information

    Presentation: This PhD programme offers highly advanced research training in the field of Nautical Studies, in both areas of specialization: Bridges and Machines, within the research lines offered. It allows students from the academic and professional world of the Nautical field to obtain a PhD Degree in their areas of expertise.

    Access and Admission: See the general entry requirements for PhD Programmes.

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    Lines of Research

    • Security and sustainability in ships: Places of refuge for large ships, that are susceptible of provoking environmental disasters. Risk analysis, prevention, response and forecast of oil spills at sea. Contingency plans. Green ships and energy saving. Rescue response for broken-down ships. Refloating of ships.
    • Marine Renewable Energy: Operational aspects related to transport, installation and maintenance of equipment related to Marine Renewable Energy.
    • Detecting faults in the hull: Detecting faults in the hull through impressed currents and magnetic sensors.
    • Tribology: Wear of materials. Protection and improvement of the mechanic behaviour of metallic surfaces by using coating. Coatings produced by plasma spraying and laser cladding. Intelligent design surfaces. Lubrication and new additives in lubricants.


    International Center for Postgraduate Studies: Plaza de Riego, s/n, 33003- Oviedo

    985 10 40 75 / 985 10 40 76

    Coordination :

    • Professor José Manuel Cuetos Megido

    Theses in Progress

    • Planes de seguridad marítima en instalaciones de energías renovables marinas situadas mar adentro (IERMAs)
      Santamaría Conejo, José Luis
      Horacio J. Montes Coto
      Título en inglés
      Maritime safety plans in offshore renewable energy installations (OREIs)
      Aprobación del plan
    • Nanopartículas funcionalizadas como aditivos de lubricantes de uso industrial
      Reguero Huerga, Ángel José del
      Rubén González Rodríguez y Antolín Hernández Battez
      Título en inglés
      Tribological behavior of functionalized nanoparticles as additives in dustrial libricants
      Aprobación del plan
    • Desarrollo de un sistema de chaleco salvavidas con sistema de localización integrado
      Varas González, Pablo
      Horacio Javier Montes Coto
      Título en inglés
      Development of a life jacket system with integrated system location
      Aprobación del plan