• Lecturers from the University develop workshops for children in Hospital Classrooms in Oviedo and Gijón

    June 02, 2015

    This activity, organized by the OTRI and funded by the FECYT, aims to bring science closer to children

    Taller con los niños en el Aula Hospitalaria del HUCA.
    The University of Oviedo, through the Unit for Scientific Culture and Innovation (UCC+i) of the Vice-Chancellor for Research and CIE, coordinated a scientific dissemination day in the "Hospital Classrooms" of Oviedo and Gijón. The activity has been implemented with the collaboration of lecturers and technicians from the Faculties of Biology, Sciences, Geology, Teacher Training and the Scientific-Technical Services, funded by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT). The workshops have been developed at the University Central Hospital of Asturias and Cabueñes Hospital.
    A series of workshops, experiments and scientific games designed for children have been the strategy to attract hospitalized school children and let them become scientists for one day. The objective was to collaborate in different activities carried out periodically to add some enthusiasm to the daily life at a hospital. The use of the microscope, the identification of minerals or some basic aspects of physics, are the basis for the activities designed for children.