• The University of Oviedo joins the Prince of Asturias Awards with business breakfasts, a conference and an exhibition

    October 20, 2012

    Gregory Winter and Richard A. Lerner will lead the encounter with researchers and Martha Nussbaum will offer a conference in LAUDEO and open the "Entrehumanos" exhibition, on quotes by Spanish philosophers at the Campus of El Milán

    Martha Nussbaum

    The University of Oviedo joins the celebration of the Prince of Asturias Awards with several functions related with the prizewinners. On this occasion, the main protagonists will be the researcher Gregory Winter and Richard A. Lerner (Scientific and Technical Research) and Martha Nussbaum (Social Sciences).

    The first encounter will be on Wednesday, 24 October, at 9.30 am in the University Chapel, in LAUDEO (Historic Building). Sir Gregory Winter and Richard A. Lerner will share a business breakfast, with restricted access by invitation, with other researchers expert in the immune system, both from the University of Oviedo and other Spanish universities.

    This day, at 19.30 pm also in the Cultural Centre of University Extension LAUDEO, the philosopher Martha C. Nassbaum will meet a group of philosophers and high school students at different points of the Historic Building and will also give a lecture on "The importance of humanities in today's society" with free entrance until full capacity.

    On Thursday, 25 October, Martha C. Nussbaum will attend a business meeting in the University Chapel (restricted acces by invitation) with philosophers, economists and lecturers at the national level. The encounter will deal with "capabilities" (considered as substantial freedom), a concept coined by the prizewinner.

    Exhibition at the Campus of El Milán

    Later on, the Prince of Asturias Award for Social Sciences will move to the Campus of El Milán, where she will open the "Entrehumanos" exhibition on philosophical texts written by Spanish thinkers selected by Martha Nussbaum herself. Backlit vinyls will be the meeting point of around fifteen philosophers with the prizewinner. This will be held at 13.15 pm at the hall of the Teaching Block A of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters. The function will also count with a musical performance in tribute to Nussbaum and her passion for singing, and with the participation of students, who will be allowed to pose questions. Finally, they will unveil a plaque with one of the quoted included in Nussbaum's book "Not for Profit".