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The University of Oviedo offers a simple on-line guide for students to quickly learn how to carry out certain procedures, what requirements must be completed for each and where to go to take care of it. This initiative aims to simplify things and pave the way for students through the bureaucratic paperwork, making the whole process much more efficient.

  • Perfil del contratante


    The contractor's profile is regulated by the Article 53 of the Consolidated Law of Contracts of the Public Sector (henceforth, CLCPS). It stipulates in its section 1 that, with the aim of ensuring the transparency and public access to the information pertaining the contractual activity of the Institution, and without any perjury to its use in other publicity media in the cases that the current legislation stipulates, contracting bodies voluntarily make publicly available its contractor's profile on the Internet. The ways to access the contractor's profile must be specified on the institutional websites of the entities of the public sector, on the Contractor's Platform of the State and in the brochures and announcements for solicitations.

    The Contractor's Profile may include any kind of information concerning the hiring activities of the contracting body, such as the announcements of information, open tenders and the documentation pertaining them, programmed tenders, assigned contracts, voided procedures, and any other useful general information, such as points of contact and media that can be related to the contracting body.

    In any case, the contractor's profile includes the assignment of contracts, which establishes the period for special appeals in the hiring process. It will be open for ten business days starting on the day after the voided contract is made public by the contracting body. The publication via the contractor's profile of the information pertaining the procedures of assignment of contracts will translate in the results stipulated by the CLCPS.


    Physical and legal persons, professionals or enterprises, who wish to propose their offers to the University of Oviedo in the tenders it opens related to construction, supplies, services or other private or special contracts.


    • Hired bodies must demonstrate their capacity for the job.
    • They must not be under a prohibition of work at the time of hiring.
    • They must prove their economic, financial, technical and professional solvency.

    Body in charge

    Office of the Vice-Rector for Economic Planning, Agreements and Contracts.

    Contact of the body in charge

    Hiring and Heritage Service.
    Hiring Section.
    985 10 39 74 / 39 81
    985 10 39 99


    Those indicated in the CLCPS for the procedure applied.


    • Royal Legislative Decree 3/2011, dated November 14, by means of which it is approved the Consolidated Law of Contracts of the Public Sector (in advance to the CLCPS)
    • Royal Decree 817/2009, dated May 8, which partially develops the Law 30/2007, dated October 30, of Contracts of the Public Sector (in advance to the RD 817/2009).

    Forms of notification

    By post, fax or e-mail.


    There will be the possibility of a special appeal to a contract before the lodging of an administrative complaint, when the acts related in section 2 of the Article 40 of the CLCPS are related to construction contracts, assignment of public reforms, supply, services, collaboration between the Public Sector and the Private Sector and framework agreements, subjected to harmonized regulation. Contracts for services included in categories 17 to 27 of the Annex II of the CLCPS whose stimated value is equal or higher than €200,000 and contracts for public service management in which the budget of expenditure of first order, excluding the VAT, is higher than €500,000 and its during longer than 5 years.

    For the remaining contracts that have not been included here, there will be the possibility of lodging an appeal before an administrative complaint.

    Ways to apply

    Presentation of the required documentation for each procedure that had been published under the Contractor's Profile, or any that is need, via fax or e-mail in negotiated procedures.

    Places to submit

    General Registry of the University of Oviedo, Plaza del Riego 4. 33003, Oviedo.

    Auxiliary Registries:

    • Administration of the Scientific-Technical Building of the Campus of Mieres, C/ Gonzalo Gutiérrez de Quirós, s/n. 33600, Mieres.
    • Administrative Services of the Campus of Gijón. Southern teaching block of the Campus. 33203, Gijón.
    • Building of Legal and Social Sciences, Campus of "El Cristo" A, C/ Catedrático Valentín Andrés Álvarez, s/n. 33006, Oviedo.
    • Building of University Services of Avilés, C/ Ferrería, 7-9. 33402, Avilés.
    • Administration of the Campus of "El Milán", C/ Teniente Alfonso Martínez s/n. 33011, Oviedo.

    Application process

    The documentation required may be obtained online on the portal of the Contractor's Profile.

    It must be presented, within the period stipulated for each procedure, at the General Registry of the University of Oviedo or at any of the aforementioned Auxiliary Registries.

    Related documents

    It may be downloaded from the Contractor's Profile.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Doubts or questions on the process of tender:

    They may be solved by the following contacts.

    For administrative procedures:

    Hiring and Heritage Service:
    Hiring Section
    Plaza de Riego, 4-3º, 33003, Oviedo.
    985 10 39 81 / 39 74
    985 10 39 99

    For the procedures for the recognition of power:

    Legal Service
    C/ Principado, 3-3º, 33003, Oviedo.
    985 10 40 67
    985 10 40 35

    For technical questions:

    Any doubts on the technical aspects of tender that the hired parties may have will have to be attached to the documentation that accompanies each contract.