• 91,68% of Asturian students pass the University Entrance Exam PAU in the June session

    June 11, 2015

    Students may request to review their exams on June 13, 15 and 16

    El 91,68 de los alumnos asturianos aprueba la PAU en la convocatoria de junio
    The University of Oviedo has registered 91,68% of students who passed the University Entrance Exam (PAU) in the June session, which had a total of 3.877 students. The average grade to access university is 6,839. The average of passing grades and the general average grade are similar to those obtained in the last June session 2014. The highest grade to access university is 9,95 and two students have achieved a grade higher than 9,80.
    Check your grade in the PAU exam June 2015 and request review 
    In the General Phase, the percentage of passing grades in Spanish Language and Literature is 82,74% and the average grade is 6,55. 63,33% of students passed the English exam, with an average grade of 5,56. 75,67% students passed the History exam, with average grade 6,35. 73,98% students passed the History of Philosophy exam, with an average grade of 6,06.
    In the Specific Phase, it is worth mentioning the results obtained in the Biology exam, with 81,56% passing grades and average grade 6,83; Chemistry with 72,96% passing grades and average grade 6,28; Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences, with 87,65% passing grades and average grade 7,38 and Physics with 83,7% passing grades and average grade 7,09.
    Likewise, only 239 students took the Specific Phase exams: 124 coming from Higher Vocational Training courses and 115 students from Baccalaureate. 
    Students who wish to review their exams may process their request on June 13, 15 y 16. After the first period for exam review the grades will be announced on June 22 at 7 p.m. The period to file claims will be open on June 23, 24 y 25. On June 29 the grades corresponding to second period for reviews will be announced.
    For PAU 2015 the University of Oviedo will issue a digital academic certificate, available for students on the website of the university, which they may access entering their ID and PIN number. The certificates do not need to be certified to be official at any University or public administration. Digital certificates will be available as of June 18 at 6 p.m. As for the students who have requested to review their exams, certificates will be available from June 26 at the same time. Those students who have filed a claim may access their digital certificates on June 29 at 9 p.m.