• The University of Oviedo brings outstanding experts in molecular biology of cancer together in NAMOBICA 2012

    November 08, 2012

    The Cluster in Biomedicine and Health organizes a discussion forum which will deal with the latest findings about the epigenome of chronic lymphatic leukaemia

    Poster of NAMOBICA 2012

    The Cluster in Biomedicine and Health of the University of Oviedo will bring together tomorrow, 9 November, in Oviedo, some of the most outstanding researchers in the field of molecular biology of cancer in the second edition of the encounter NAMOBICA (New Approaches to Molecular Biology of Cancer).

    The Director of the R&D&i Management Area, Nieves Roqueñí, the new Director of IUOPA, Aurora Astudillo, and Francisco Morís, co-founder of EntreChem, will be in charge of opening the encounter.

    NAMOBICA 2012 will be held in the Scientific and Technical Building Severo Ochoa at the Campus of El Cristo and will deal with the approach to the new tendencies in the field of cancer research, beyond Genomics, including the implications in clinical translation and the development of personalized medical treatments.

    Outstanding speakers at European, American and Spanish universities will expound the latest tendencies in this area. Among the issues for discussion will be the latest findings on the epigenome of chronic lymphatic leukaemia, in whose discovery also collaborated some researchers from the University of Oviedo. Doctor Martín Subero, who coordinated together with Carlos López-Otín and Elías Campo the prestigious study published by Nature Genetics, will be giving a lecture, among others.

    The scientific committee of the encounter is formed by Doctor Carlos Suárez Nieto, President of the organizing committee; The Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Oviedo, Carlos López-Otín; Mario Fernández Fraga, Director of the research team on Cancer Epigenetics of IUOPA and Francisco Morís Varas, co-founder of the biotechnological company EntreChem. Outstanding speakers from European, American and Spanish universities will give a lecture on the latest research tendencies in this area and will also debate on The challenges of medical discoveries in the post-genomic area in the first of the sessions arranged. The second one will focus on The recent findings in Chronic Lymphatic Leukaemia.

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