Master's Degrees

  • Master's Degree in Mobile Network Information and Communication Technologies (Mnict) *

    General Information

    Teaching Languages:
    1 year (60 ECTS credits)
    Precio orientativo:
    Access Requirements:

    In order to register in an official Master's Degree, it is mandatory to have completed an official degree in Spain or in any higher education institution of a member state of the European Union integrated in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) that allows students to take a Master's Degree. Students who have obtained their degree outside the EHEA can be admitted as long as the University can verify that these qualifications have a similar level to the corresponding degrees in Spain and they permit graduates to take a Master's Course.

    In order to enrol in this Master's Programme, students must hold a degree in Telecommunication Engineering, Industrial Engineering (specializing in Electronics), Computer Engineering, or any other related areas. The Academic Committee must approve each enrolment request and decide if a student needs to take complementary subjects.

    Students who have completed at least 180 ECTS credits in Telecommunication Engineering or the first cycle of said degree or have a degree in any other related field may also apply. The Academic Committee will consider each application and in any case, these students will have to take up to 60 ECTS credits of complimentary subjects.

    Attendance required
    Monday to Friday, from 3:00pm to 9:00pm
    Teaching Center:
    • Polytechnic School of Engineering of Gijón
    • University of Cantabria
    • University of La Coruña
    • University of the Basque Country/ Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea
    • University of Zaragoza

    Professional Opportunities

    The main goal of this Master's Degree is to train research professionals in the field of Mobile Network Information and Communication Technologies. This training includes studying Mobile Networks from the point of view of telecommunication systems, radio technologies, digital signal processing and telematics. This program also covers aspects of third and fourth generation mobile networks, as well as radio local area networks, WLAN, personal area networks, WPAN and WBAN; and terrestrial communication systems LMDS, MVDS, WiMAX, ground digital television, etc.


    The are five Spanish Universities participating in this Master's Course: the University of Oviedo, the University of Cantabria, the University of La Coruña, the University of the Basque Country / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea and the University of Zaragoza.

    All subjects are optional and annual, except for one compulsory subject about Research Methodology. This Master does not have set pathways or specializations. Classes are taught by teachers from all five participating Universities through a videoconferencing system.

    This Master's Programme consist of 32 subjects divided in five essential and complementary areas and 1 basic subject that serves as an Introduction to Research. To succesfully pass this Master's Degree, students must complete 44 ECTS credits and elaborate a Master's Thesis (16 ECTS credits).

    Course content:

    • M1-Research methodology (4,5 ECTS) COMPULSORY
    • M2-Teamwork Techniques for Research (6 ECTS)
    • EM1- Electromagnetic Band Gaps and New Passive Microwave and Millimetre Wave Devices Based on Symmetry and Resonance (6 ECTS)
    • EM2-Calculation of Radioelectric Coverage (6 ECTS)
    • EM3-Antenna Synthesis and Measurements (4,5 ECTS)
    • R1-R1-Compact Antennas for Mobile Networks Systems and Wireless Networks (4,5 ECTS)
    • R2-Linearisation and Efficiency Enhancement Techniques in Amplifiers and Transmitters (6 ECTS)
    • R3-Modelling of Active and Passive Devices for RF and Microwaves (6 ECTS)
    • R4-Active Microwave Circuit Simulation for Communications (4,5 ECTS)
    • R5-Radio Frequency and Microwave Integrated Circuits for Communications (6 ECTS)
    • R6-Description of Non-Linear Distortion Phenomena in RF/ Microwave Devices and Circuits of Wireless Systems (6 ECTS)
    • R7-Smart Antennas. Beamsteering and Beamforming Design and Technologies. (4,5 ECTS)
    • S1-Advanced Signal Processing in Communications (4,5 ECTS)
    • S2-High-Capacity Mobile and Wireless Communication Systems (4,5 ECTS)
    • S3-Speech Technologies I (4,5 ECTS)
    • S4-Communication Theory in Mobile Networks (6 ECTS)
    • S5- Speech Technologies II (4,5 ECTS)
    • S6-Advanced Signal and System Theory (4,5 ECTS)
    • ST1-WLAN Network Architecture, Simulation and System Design (7 ECTS)
    • ST2-Radio Channel Models: Measurement and Simulation (4,5 ECTS)
    • ST3-Digital Communications in Mobile and Wireless Networks (4,5 ECTS)
    • ST4-Broadcasting of Digital Radio and Television Services (4,5 ECTS)
    • ST5-Optical Communication Networks (4,5 ECTS)
    • ST6-Optical Access Networks (6 ECTS)
    • ST7-Radio-over-Fibre (4,5 ECTS)
    • T1-Error Control Techniques (4,5 ECTS)
    • T2-Radio Resource Management and Quality of Service on Mobile Networks (6 ECTS)
    • T3-Wireless Network Security (4,5 ECTS)
    • T4-Mobile Internet (6 ECTS)
    • T5-Mobile Network Planning and Dimensioning (4,5 ECTS)
    • T6-QoS in Wireless Networks (4,5 ECTS)

    Two options are offered to foster student mobility between universities:

    • INV- MASTER'S THESIS, OPTION A: : Research project (16 ECTS) Compulsory
    • INV1- MASTER'S THESIS, OPTION B: Research project I (8 ECTS) Compulsory
    • INV2- MASTER'S THESIS, OPTION B: Research project II (8 ECTS) Compulsory
    Detailed Information on the Syllabus:


    • University Campus of Gijón
      Multi-Use Building, Module 8
      Office 8.1.08
      33203 Gijón
      985 10 49 17 / 985 10 49 18
      985 10 49 59

    Coordination :

    • Samuel Ver Hoeye (University of Oviedo)
      985 18 26 16
      985 18 24 66 /
    • Luis Valle López (University of Cantabria)
      942 20 08 83
      942 20 14 88
    • Adriana Dapena Janeiro (University of La Coruña)
      +981 16 70 00 ext: 1339
      +981 16 71 60
    • David Guerra Pereda / Manuel Mª Velez Elordi (University of the Basque Country (Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea)))
      94 601 73 49 / 94 601 41 23
      94 601 42 59 /
    • Mª Angeles Losada / Eduardo Lleida Solano (University of Zaragoza)
      976 76 2373 / 976 76 23 72
      976 76 21 11 /

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