Master's Degrees

  • Master's Degree in Social Policy & Welfare

    General Information

    Teaching Languages:
    1 year (60 ECTS credits)
    Precio orientativo:
    Access Requirements:

    This Master's degree is intended for graduates in Social and Legal Science with a basic knowledge on Sociology, Politics, Economics, Law and Statistics which is necessary to take this Master's course. Candidates with a degree in Educational Science and Humanities will also be taken into account.

    The interest of the students must be clearly aimed at the development of a professional career committed to promoting social welfare, equality and inclusion, which requires a personal and ethical commitment, perseverance and responsibility at work, disposition to work in multidisciplinary work teams and the enhancement of personal relationships, as well as willingness to face problems and make decisions in situations with limited information.

    Blended learning
    Wednesday and Thursday from 4:00pm to 8:00pm
    Teaching Center:
    Faculty of Economics of Oviedo

    Professional Opportunities

    Taking into account the knowledge and skills provided by this Master's course, graduates will be able to develop their professional career:

    • In the field of social welfare of the regional or local social services administrations, as well as in agencies and foundations related to occupational training and employment or in any company related to policies and programmes of social and labour inclusion.
    • In public administrations and organizations, both profit organization and those belonging to the tertiary sector, or as providers of welfare services as skilled managers in the middle and upper levels of the organizational structure.


    The syllabus is organized in five formative modules, the compulsory external internships and the Master's Thesis.

    Module 1: Sociology, Social Psychology and Social Work

    Compulsory Subjects:

    • Compared Systems of Social Wellfare (4,5 ECTS)
    • Social Research Techniques (54ECTS)
    • Methodology of Social Intervention I (4,5 ECTS)

    Elective Subjects:

    • Advanced Techniques for Social Research (4 ECTS)
    • Social Intervention in Families and Childhood (4 ECTS)
    • Workshop on Good Policies for Social Inclusion (4 ECTS)

    Module 2: Political and Administrative Science

    Compulsory Subjects:

    • Administrative Framework of Social Policies and Services (4 ECTS)
    • Design and Evaluation of Social Policies(5 ECTS)

    Module 3: Economics

    Compulsory Subjects:

    • Elements of Public Economics (4 ECTS)

    Elective Subjects:

    • Elements of Labor Economy (4 ECTS)

    Module 4: Social-Labor Intergration


    • Policies and Programs of Formation and Employment (5 ECTS)
    • Labor Relations (3,5 ECTS)
    • Services of Employment Guidance (4 ECTS)

    Module 5: Social Management and Innovation


    • Management of Social Organizations (5 ECTS)
    • Social Marketing and Fund Raising (3 ECTS)
    • Applied Accounting and Fiscal Management (5 ECTS)
    • Social Innovation and Responsibility (3 ECTS)

    External Internships: (6 ECTS)

    Master's Thesis: (12 ECTS)

    Detailed Information on the Syllabus:


    • University of Oviedo
      International Center for Postgraduate Studies
      Plaza de Riego. Historical Building
      Oviedo (33003)
      985 10 49 17 / 985 10 49 18
      985 10 49 59

    Coordination :

    • José María García Blanco

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