Master's Degrees

  • Master's Degree in Scientific and Innovation Culture

    General Information

    Teaching Languages:
    1 year (60 ECTS credits)
    Access Requirements:

    To access official Master's Degrees, it will be necessary to be in possesion of an official Spanish University Degree or equivalent given by an institution of higher education belonging to another state member of the EHEA that enables the student to access a Master's Degree.

    Furthermore, Graduates from educational systems different from the EHEA may access Master's Degrees without needing to validate their Degrees, after the University has confirmed that they have a formative level provided by the Undergraduate Degrees of their countries of origin and that is equivalent to that given by the official Spanish Undergraduate Degrees. Accessing the Master's Degree this way will never lead to the validation of the Degree of the candidate, nor its validation to start other Degrees.

    Teaching Center:
    Faculty of Philosophy and Letters

    Professional Opportunities

    Graduates from this Master's Degree will be capable of developing a professional or research activity, from a multi-disciplinar perspective and with a conceptual base in the international field of social studies of science and studies on innovation, focused on the analysis, promotion, dissemination and management of scientific culture and innovation. Therefore, they will be capable of develop professional tasks such as scientific dissemination, research and evaluation of policies for the promotion and dissemination of scientific culture and innovation, management of research project and promotion in these fields.


    This Master's Degree comprises 60 ECTS credits, developed throughout an academic year and distributed into three modules. It has four pathways, two on scientific culture (one with a professional nature and the other one focused on research) and two on innovation culture (both professional and academic as well). The pathways of scientific culture are offered at the University of Oviedo and the pathways of innovation culture are offered at the Polytechnical University of Valencia.

    Firs Semester: (30 ECTS)

    Common Module:

    • Science, technology and society (6 ECTS)
    • Introduction to the studies on innovation(6 ECTS)
    • Policies and management of science and innovation (6 ECTS)
    • Social communication of science (6 ECTS)
    • Tools and techniques for the scientific culture and innovation (6 ECTS)

    Second Semester: (30 ECTS)

    Specialization module (18 ECTS) Students must choose one of these four offers

    1. Scientific Culture (Professional)
      • Concept and dimensions of the scientific culture (3 ECTS)
      • Strategies and techniques of the dissemination of scientific culture (3 ECTS)
      • Design, planning and execution of projects of promotion of the scientific culture (3 ECTS)
      • Scientific culture in specific formats: technical means and resources (3 ECTS)
      • Internships (6 ECTS)
    2. Scientific Culture (Academic)
      • Concept and dimension of the scientific culture (3 ECTS)
      • Social appropriation of science and the scientific culture (6 ECTS)
      • Public policies and markers of scientific culture (3 ECTS)
      • Academic study of scientific culture: Research cases(6 ECTS)
    3. Innovation Culture (Professional)
      • Dimensions and contexts of innovation culture (3 ECTS)
      • Innovation at the enterprise: Strategies, management and organization (3 ECTS)
      • Design, planning and execution of scientific culture(3 ECTS)
      • Sectorial differences in innovation strategies (3 ECTS)
      • Internships (6 ECTS)
    4. Innovation Culture (Academic)
      • Dimensions and contexts of innovation culture (3 ECTS)
      • Theoretical studies on the planning and management of entrepreneurial innovation (6 ECTS)
      • National, regional and sectorial innovation policies (3 ECTS)
      • Searches in databases of scientific articles and patents (3 ECTS)
      • Composition of scientific articles (3 ECTS)

    Master's Thesis (12 ECTS)

    Detailed Information on the Syllabus:


    • International Center for Postgraduate Studies
      Plaza de Riego. Historical Building
      Oviedo (33003)
      + 34 985 10 49 17 / 985 10 49 18
      +34 985 10 49 59

    Coordination :

    • Marta Isabel González García
      985 10 43 63

    Internationalization and Companies